Participate in the 5th annual Maquenque Christmas Bird Count!
August 27, 2012
Will you be in Costa Rica around January 5, or would you like to be? If so, please consider participating in our 5th annual Christmas Bird Count within the Maquenque Circle in northern Costa Rica. The count takes place on January 5, 2013 at six different Costa Rican Bird Route sites. We are currently booking counters for each site, so please let us know by emailing us if you would like to be one of the counters. The data gets entered into eBird to assist in our bird monitoring efforts in the Bird Route.

New Mobile App to Identify Tropical Plants in Costa Rica
Purdue agronomist Lori Unruh Snyder recently launched a mobile application that makes identifying tropical plants an easier task in Costa Rica. Unruh Snyder partnered with ITaP technology consultants to create Green Notes, a mobile app that will help students, tourists, and plant enthusiasts search for and take notes about plants they see. While Green Notes is specific to plants, it's built on a platform that can be used to create other photographic note-taking applications in various fields. Click here to read more about this exciting endeavor.

Green Notes

Keep your bird checklists and help contribute to science!
If you're birding in the U.S. or Canada enter your observations here, in Mexico, click here, and if you're birding in Costa Rica, use eBird Costa Rica.


The Costa Rican Bird Route is the first birding trail of its kind in Central America. Located in the northern region of Costa Rica, this ecotourism project offers a variety of bird watching and nature tourism opportunities. The Bird Route consists of 18 nature reserves specifically chosen for their high diversity of bird species. Most importantly, this region hosts the last remaining habitat in Costa Rica for the endangered Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus). The Costa Rican Bird Route offers the best opportunity to view this species on the planet!

corridor mapClick here to see a map of all the Bird Route sites.

This project is being implemented to promote the conservation of bird habitat and biological diversity within the San Juan – La Selva Biological Corridor of northeastern Costa Rica by improving bird tourism in the region. Bird tourism will bring economic opportunities for local landowners and local communities via visiting bird watchers and other eco-tourists, providing an economic incentive for habitat conservation.

By visiting the Bird Route you will not only see amazing biodiversity, but you will also be helping to maintain the ecological integrity of one of the world’s most biologically diverse places. Come and explore all that the Bird Route has to offer. Accommodations range from high-end lodges to home-stays, but at all the sites you will find the same thing: great places, great birds and great people.

You can now also keep up with the Costa Rican Bird Route through its Facebook page!