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Maquenque Eco-lodge, photo by Oscar Artavia Maquenque Eco-lodge is a new 60 hectare reserve located just north of Boca Tapada de San Carlos and offers access to the newly created Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge.  Eduardo Artavia, his wife and six children are creating this jungle lodge to maintain and conserve wildlife habitat. This property is a mix of habitats on both sides of the San Carlos River.  There are sections of former pasture lands that are now being reforested.  There are about 40 hectares of secondary forest bordering the western edge of the property, while to the east the property borders a neighbor’s property that holds hundreds of hectares of some of the oldest forest in northern Costa Rica as part of the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge.

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This region has some of the best habitat for the Great Green Macaw and there are a number of nests in the area.  In addition, many water birds are seen near the large lagoon and along the San Carlos River. In the forest tropical treasures like the Scaly-throated Leaftosser, Blue Dacnis and Black-and-yellow Tanager are found.

The site offers guided hikes as well as guided canoe tours of the San Carlos River. A butterfly garden is also currently being developed. Meals are home cooked with fresh organic vegetables grown in the family’s garden. The cheese and meat are fresh too, as the family still maintains a small number of cows.

The site can be visited while staying at other Bird Route sites such as Mi Pedacito de Cielo, Laguna del Lagarto Lodge or Quebrada Grande.

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Contact Information

Contact Maquenque at (506) 2479-7785 or email at to make reservations for your trip.  They may be able to coordinate pick up from Pital or Boca Tapada if necessary. For more information visit their website at:


Scarlet Macaw, photo by Luiz Claudio Marigo
Scarlet Macaw
(N 10° 41' 11'', W 84° 12' 22'')

Maquenque Eco-lodge is located just north of Boca Tapada in the northernmost section of the Bird Route.  Boca Tapada is accessed most easily from the town of Pital.  Once you reach Pital, reset your trip odometer and continue straight through Pital for 1.0 km to the town gas station. Continue past the gas station for 2.5 km where you will arrive at a Y intersection. Go Right and continue for approximately 9 km to another Y. Follow the sign to Boca Tapada to the right.  After another km or so you will reach another gas station, where you will continue straight and stay to the left. Here you will see a sign for Mi Pedacito de Cielo.  Continue straight through the town of Saino and follow the signs for Boca Tapada. Boca Tapada in total is about 28 km from Pital.  Continue straight through Boca Tapada going down the hill, following the road back up the mountain, winding around for about another 3 km to Maquenque Eco-lodge, which will be on your left side. 

There is bus service to Boca Tapada and beyond, one time a day. Inquire locally.

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