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The Laguna del Lagarto rainforest lodge is located in Boca Tapada of San Carlos, and is relatively close to two other Costa Rican Bird Route sites: Mi Pedacito de Cielo and Maquenque Lodge. Laguna del Lagarto Lodge offers an incredible 500 hectares (1250 acres) of virgin tropical rainforest! An amazing variety of life can be found here, and 350 different species of birds have been counted here including fascinating species such as the Agami Heron, Wood Stork, the Great Green Macaw, Grey-necked Wood-Rail, two species of Potoos, the Golden-crowned Spadebill, and the American Pygmy Kingfisher. This reserve is also one of the best places in the world to see the Great Green Macaw.  Long time companions of the Great Green Macaw Research Project, Laguna del Lagarto Lodge continues to champion the conservation of this species and its habitat.

Here there are more than 10 km of well marked rainforest trails that make birding and exploring nature easy; on your own or with a naturalist guide. Laguna del Lagarto offers several activities free of charge for its guests including unlimited canoeing on three lagoons, walking the jungle trails, and access to its butterfly garden. You can also sign up for a boat trip on the San Carlos and San Juan River or go for a horseback ride through the property.

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The site offers single, double, and triple occupancy rooms with private baths and ceiling fans. The meals served in the restaurant are renowned for some of the best food anywhere in Costa Rica!Laguna del Lagarto Lodge logo

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Visit for more information on prices and accommodations. In Costa Rica, call the lodge directly at 506-2289-8163.  You can email the lodge and set up reservations as well at


(N 10° 41' 10'', W 84° 10' 50'')

Laguna del Lagarto Lodge, photo by staff From San José to Alajuela climb the side of Poás Volcano, turning right to Varablanca. As you descend the pass, you arrive in the famous warm lowlands of San Carlos and Sarapiquí.

Once you arrive in San Miguel, make a hard left and follow the paved road to Pital. Once you reach Pital, reset your trip odometer and continue straight through Pital for 1.0 km to the gas station. Continue past the gas station for 2.5 km where you will arrive at a Y intersection. Go right and continue for approximately 9 km to another Y. Follow the sign to Boca Tapada to the right.  After another km or so you will reach another gas station, where you will continue straight and stay to the left. Here you will see a sign for Mi Pedacito de Cielo.  Continue on straight through the town of Saino and follow the signs for Boca Tapada. Boca Tapada in total is about 28 km from Pital.  Continue straight through Boca Tapada going down the hill, and then following the road back up the mountain, where you will wind around for about another 6 km and pass Maquenque Eco-lodge. Near km 34 from Pital you will come to a major Y intersection. Continue for 1km to Mi Pedacito de Cielo.  Go right for 2.5 km to reach Laguna del Lagarto Lodge.

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